Player Rankings

Player rankings

Over 1600 players from 47 countries compete in WASPA tournaments.

GusGus (Custom)Calm under pressure (sometimes), always willing to have a go for goal. Having won the Brisbane Tournament 6 times is unfortunately for him way more than his beloved Newcastle have won in his 50 years. Stamina is a problem, often nodding off with a minute left on the clock... Ranked in the top 10 in Australia, don't under estimate the Black n Whites.91452
RikRik (Custom)All round good game. Can score from just about anywhere. Very hard to beat when on his day. Every now and again though, has the ability for self harm, famously scoring an own goal from an attacking position..., a very strong player indeed. 111655
Andy RAndyR (Custom)Andy has a long history with subbuteo. Back in the day has represented Wales. His playing style can only be described as a sack filled with two cats and one mouse. Fast and brutal, don't take your eye off the game. Can score well. Can lose the dressing room if things aren't going well though !! Andy now ranked in the top 20 of Australia has started to find some good form, expect to see him getting stronger an stronger.130149
Andrew BAndyB (Custom)Andrew has been in a lot of finals, and has a great eye for goal. Don't blink if Andrew is in your shooting area. A regular goal of the month contender, and can go on a scoring frenzy... About to become a Dad, so his training and competing have been severely hampered, but we expect him to come back strong, all be it with baggy eyes.339
ShaneShaneShane has come out of Subbuteo retirement and really enjoying himself. A steady player, solid at the back and methodical coming forward. Shooting up the WASPA rankings, a player to be reckoned with.045
GarethGarethGareth is a newcomer to the game, and picking it up pretty quickly. Loves to attack, his ideal formation would be 1-1-9 .057
WilWilThe new kid on the block, Wil is just 11 but not only has a good grasp of the rules, is starting find the net. Can easily be bribed with sweets or chips though, so we are probably safe for a while yet.......though winner of our first ever minor trophy, Wil is showing some consistency.068
RobRob (Custom)Rob has an even longer history with subbuteo, and even has the version that came out before subbuteo. Back in the day, Rob was a real contender. Now in his seventies, Rob still has that Scottish dogged defender in him. Unfortunately, it's a Scottish goalkeeper too. Rob is our oldest kid, even though his 70th birthday is behind him, he still loves to score.082
DerekderekDerek has just rekindled his passion for the flicking game after a very long absence. However, as rusty as he is, and with these new fangled flat bottomed players, you can see Derek knows this game. Once he's fully back, we won't be surprised to see him competing with the big boys. An avid Seagulls fan, Derek is not only aiming to see himself rise to the top, but his Brighton too. 083
JamesjamesJames is the new - new kid on the block. Only 9 but very composed, and quick to learn. His main motivation is to hammer his brother, and this drives him !!!!092