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Q. Do I need my own equipment to come along and play ?

A. No, between us we have more than enough. Eventually when you get into it, you will probably want to get your own team or two. We also have a diverse range of base types so you can try them all and find which best suits your style before you invest. And of course, we have our own team painter to make them look truly awesome.

Q. Can I come along to a tournament to see what it's all about ?

A. Yes, please do. If you have played before you are more than welcome to just jump straight in, or you can just check it out.


Q. When do we practice?

A. We have members from the Sunshine Coast and all the way out to Ipswich. Sessions aren't scheduled and are arranged ad -hoc.

Q. How much does it cost to play in a Brisbane Tournament?

A. There is a small fee of $5.00 which covers lunch, trophies and website.