June 2018 WASPA Comp

Brisbane Subbuteo Tournament 10th June 2018: Venue Gareth’s house Caboolture, QLD   After a five month absence, the Brisbane flickers met up at a new Venue in Caboolture. Gareth’s roomy garage easily fitted in two boards for the 4 +1 players. Apart from the competitors young Jack came around for a couple of games. Hopefully he’ll be back for more. The opening round was a very close one, with Gareth and Gerry drawing 1-1 and Andy coming back from a half time score of 3-0 to lose narrowly by 4-3. The second round showed the Sunshine Coasters dominance with both Gus and Andy winning without conceding (this was about to change). The final round witnessed a great come back from Gerry who was trailing 2-0, he got back to all square but Andy managed to find a winner. Home advantage didn’t help Gareth as Gus couldn’t miss, and just about scored with every shot. Gareth did get a great consolation goal though. We decided to do a 3rd 4th play off as well as a final, and it was live streamed on Facebook. Gareth who finished bottom of the ladder took a lead of 1-0 into half time. Gerry fought back and eventually got the equaliser. Gerry’s momentum kept him in the ascendancy and with only a couple of minutes left on the clock got the all important winner. The Sunshine Coasters were in the final for the second time this year, Andy was spurred on with his near comeback in the first round started brightly. It was nip and tuck, but it was Andy who made the breakthrough and took a 1-0 lead into half time. The second half was much the same, end to end. With less than 3 minutes on the clock, Andy’s defence parted and allowed Gus in who accepted the chance gratefully and finished bottom right corner. It was still 1-1 when the whistle went. 10 minutes of extra time needed. There were no surprises in extra time, and so it finished 1-1, it would now be settled on penalties. Neither player had won a penalty shoot out, so something had to give. Andy won the toss and elected to shoot second. Both players missed their first efforts, then Gus managed to his next three, Andy failing to score. So it finished with Gus as the victor, though there was very little indeed to separate the finalists. It was great to be finally playing again, and a big thanks to Gareth who tried to overfeed everyone into submission. We’ll be back for a World Cup competition next month.  
Player 1       Player 2
Gareth 1 V 1 Gerry
Gus 4 V 3 Andy
Gareth 0 V 2 Andy
Gerry 0 V 4 Gus
Gerry 2 V 3 Andy
Gareth 1 V 6 Gus
3rd 4th Playoff        
Gareth 1 V 2 Gerry
Andy (0) 1 V 1 Gus (3)
Gus won 3-0 on penalties
Player Won Lost ` Drawn For Against GD Points
Gus 3 0 0 14 4 +10 9
Andy 2 1 0 8 6 +2 6
Gerry 0 2 1 3 8 -5 1
Gareth 0 2 1 2 9 -7 1
Gareth's Wigan v Andy's Celtic
Jack getting some pointers from the Old Fella on Gareth's Stadium pitch
Gerry on the defence against Gus